Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World

Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World

[Read ebook] Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World

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The dating process on the other hand, teaches about having sex and the need to feel a sure method in a relationship. When someone says they’re dating somebody, they most definitely mean, they’re having intercourse with them. That is what dating is. The dating process goes something like this: if you end up dating someone and you don’t really feel in love or ecstatic with jubilation in regards to the particular person you’re with anymore, you can just dump them and bounce into the next relationship that feels good to you. This behavior of dating and sexual cohabitation is meaningless and nugatory. It does not educate concerning the rules of love nor teach the best way to respect and honor someone.

You may give your relationship a new tag and say it is a platonic friendship. When dating without intercourse, avoid instances where you’re all by yourselves. These are locations that may carry the necessity of intimacy and draw you closer to temptation. Men are attractive beings and it is very attainable and human to lose control and break the resolutions you had agreed with together. Guarantee there are all the time other folks round you apart from the 2 of you. Pecks and kisses are all proper but it surely should stop there.

Among partnered adults whose important other uses social media, 34% of 18- to 29-yr-olds and 26% of those ages 30 to forty nine say they have felt jealous or not sure in their current relationship because of how their accomplice interacted with others on social media, compared with 19% of these ages 50 to 64 who say this and 4% of these ages sixty five and up. Almost four-in-ten single adults with partners who are social media customers (37%) say they’ve felt this manner about their present accomplice, whereas solely 17% of married folks say the identical.

Book Snippet : We live in the midst of one of the greatest technological revolutions in history, an era of deep-seated transformation-a macroshift in civilization, says preeminent scholar and futurist Ervin Laszlo. Its signs and manifestations are all around us, from the deadly HIV/AIDS epidemic sweeping Africa and the dangerous fire-trap sweatshops routinely killing workers in Bangladesh, to the environmental havoc created by genetic engineering, power plant pollution and mechanized agriculture. The application of new technologies has turned into a double-edged sword.The world is growing together in some respects, but is coming apart in others. Worldwide economic globalization, another sign of the macroshift, all too often benefits the few rather than the many. Hundreds of millions live at a higher material standard of living, but thousands of millions are pressed into abject poverty. The richest 20% earn ninety times the income of the poorest 20%, consume eleven times as much energy, and eat eleven times as much meat.There have been other macroshifts in human history, but they spanned centuries, allowing cultural values, beliefs, and change to occur gradually. Today, technology has reduced our time to adapt; the entire critical period of change is compressed into the lifetime of a generation.Today’s macroshift, explains Laszlo, harbors great promise, as well as grave danger. He outlines two possible scenarios: “The Breakdown,” where we choose to drift without a change in our current direction toward chaos, anarchy, and destruction, or “The Breakthrough,” where we collectively transform our thinking and behavior to produce creative, sustainable solutions to dangerous global problems. And he shows what each of us can do-politically, professionally, and privately-to bring about the Breakthrough and shape a humane and sustainable global future.While technology is what drives the unprecedented speed of this macroshift, it is our vision, values, and actions now that will ultimately determine the outcome. The choice is up to us-the power is in our hands.